Traditional Ibiza dishes you must try.

From the typical Spanish paella and delicious fish to locally sourced treats, you’d be crazy if you don’t let your inner adventurous side slip out when deciding what to eat in Ibiza.

Think global. Act local.

Travelling around the world is about experiencing new cultures - and how can you do this without eating local dishes?

The Ibiza cuisine is characterised by the use of fresh and local ingredients sourced from the very rich and fertile region surrounding it.

Seafood in general is a must when sampling Ibiza food as it is all freshly caught without costing a bomb. Typical fish meals are served very simply, allowing you to truly relish the taste of the fish.

But of course Ibiza has a treasure-trove of amazing traditional food and dishes that every visitor should try out when they’re here.

Everyone knows that the Spanish cuisine is famous for tapas and sangria. We want to broaden your horizon and show you traditional Ibizan dishes beyond things that you can get anywhere in Spain.

Here's a list of our top dishes Ibiza is famous for:

Paella MIXTA

Let’s start with the classic: Paella. As a working fishing island, Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to try out an authentic seafood dish and is definitely one of the most popular traditional Spanish food varieties. Each region in Spain have their own version of paella, and the seafood ingredients of this paella come fresh from the bounty of the sea surrounding the island of Ibiza. Paella mixta comes with fresh seafood as well as meat like chicken, so there is something for every taste.

Sobrassada and botifarra

Sobrassada, dubbed as the national sausage of the islands, is made from the lean meat of the pig and some belly pork, all minced and mixed with paprika, salt and spices. Botifarra is an Ibizan version of a blood sausage with spices. Meat sausages native to the Balearic Islands are typically mixed in with other dishes, or eaten on its own as an appetizer together with Pan Payes - a typically Ibizan country bread from local farmers.

Bullit de Peix

Bullit de peix is a traditional Ibizan stew served with a combination of various fish, always fresh from the Mediterranean that morning. It is served into two parts: broiled fish with potatoes covered in a light sauce made up of garlic mayonnaise (alioli) and rice cooked with fish broth.

Sofrit Pagés

For something more substantial, this authentic Balearic stew is a deliciously filling mixture of various meats, including chicken, lamb and, of course, Ibizan sausages. The dish is usually served with seasonal vegetables like potatoes, peppers and artichokes.

You’re a sweet one? No worries: Spanish traditional food is not always about Tapas and seafood. These Ibizan sugary treats are second to none:


Flaó is the Ibizan version of a cheesecake. If you love cheesecake, you will love this! It is a circular shaped pastrie or cake. The fillings vary according to different areas in the Catalan regions of Spain, but they can be local sheep or goat cottage cheese and ground almonds, or pumpkin jam and honey.


Ensaïmada is a small Balearic spiral shaped sweet pastry, similar to croissants, usually filled with chocolate, cream or even sweet pumpkin. These sugar-dusted delicacies are the perfect snack.


Greixonera is another traditional Ibizan dessert, which is akin to a bread pudding commonly served in the British Isles. Similar to a bread pudding, Greixonera consists of pieces of leftover Ensaimada that are combined with milk and eggs and the whole combination is then baked until firm and golden brown.


Here comes the best thing: We have decided to serve four of our favourite Ibizan dishes on our Formentera day trip: 2 savoury and 2 sweet treats (We just love sweets and couldn't decide between our two favourites, good for you!). A four course traditional Ibizan menu is included in your experience, consisting of Paella mixta accompanied by Pan Payes and salad followed by Greixonera and Ensaïmadas as dessert. Get your tickets now!


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